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6D5N Refugees Awareness Learning Journey (Bogor, Indonesia)

6D5N Refugees Awareness Learning Journey (Bogor, Indonesia)


Our eye-opening Refugee Vision Trip gives travellers the opportunity to visit refugee schools, share cultural exchange meals with refugees in their homes, attend workshops conducted by them and go on a relaxing special field trip/outing with them. It is designed to be purposeful and insightful. Travellers will also participate in regular guided reflections together throughout the trip. WhatsApp (+65) 8884 3730 for queries.

  • Fee includes

    Price quoted is for per adult tripper. It covers accomodation, all meals, land transport, local tips and the fee of facilitating the trip, arranging for visits and meeting with different people and entities, pre-trip briefings, during and post debriefs. It excludes flight and travel insurance.

  • Refund Policy

    Travel insurance that covers cancellations must be bought. Cancellations initiated by tripper, except on grounds of death of immediate family member or being tested COVID-positive, are non-refundable. Refunds for the exceptions stated above exclude paid up fees such a booking of rooms and land transport.

    For cancellations that fall under the above exceptions or are initiated by the organizer due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. border closure), a reasonable refund amount will be given.

  • Payment Preference

    Our preferred payment method is PayNow to help us save 3rd party transfer charges.

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