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A Little Taste of Home

Founded by Christy Chew, expresses the passion of a family to create an eco-system of greater equality between the marginalised (such as refugees, internally displaced peoples, human trafficked survivors, etc) and those who live in more privileged societies. 

Besides promoting hand-crafted products made by the marginalised, we give them the opportunity to conduct skill workshops to the more privileged, giving them not only some livelihood but dignity that they can contribute to those who have more materially. 

We also curate overseas trips where we lead you to unwind and rest before leading you to meet inspirational people who have shown resilience in their lives and those who work selflessly amongst the less privileged. 

Subscribe to our Rewriting Life Scripts Club and enjoy a year-round 15% discount for all our products, trips and workshops!

We welcome partnerships with like-minded individuals, corporates and NGOs. Contact us at

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